PhotoACTIVE takes a new step in demonstrating its universal antiviral efficacy! PhotoACTIVE has been shown to be effective against equine rhinopneumonia virus, a potentially deadly horse virus, causing havoc in farms and stables, as well as cancellations of competitions and horse travel.

The urgent need to implement disinfection and travel management protocols on the various sites is a necessity to stem the rhinopneumonia epidemics that have occurred in recent years.

PhotoACTIVE becomes the first product in the world compliant with veterinary use in the active fight against rhinopneumonia by sterilizing the surfaces in contact with the horse: walls of the box, interior of the truck, but also the textile material used (bands, mats, blankets. ..).

Contamination of horses occurs between individuals but also via soiled surfaces: the rhinopneumonia virus survives several days in the open air while remaining contaminating. Horse competitions are particularly conducive to the spread of the virus since the latter are brought into contact with unknown congeners, and bring the pathogens back to their stables.