SaniWash & SaniSpray

Does your horse have pimples on the girth? Scabs on the pasterns? Itchy under the saddle pad?

What if it was because of his equipment?

saniwash sanispray photoactive equine

Contamination and skin infections of equines via textiles

Unsanitized textiles and equipment in general are a risk factor in the transmission of disease between horses. Bacteria and fungi thrive in warm, moist materials: horse equipment with perspiration and ambient humidity is an ideal culture medium.

Horses catch infections easily. These infections can become recurrent because contaminated equipment is very difficult to disinfect: indeed only washing at 90°C kills germs, which is difficult to envisage for most equipment.

The material is also sometimes shared between different horses, especially in sports and recovery stables, spreading and aggravating bacterial contamination on several horses at the same time.

Only a textile washed at 90°C is disinfected! However, PhotoACTIVE Equine destroys at room temperature viruses, bacteria and fungi

PhotoACTIVE Equine SaniWash

Use the power of PhotoACTIVE Equine with your washing machine and never worry about disinfecting your equipment all season long!

PhotoACTIVE Equine SaniWash is used in the amount of a cap in the softener tray of your washing machine in addition to your usual detergent. Tapes, carpets, blankets will no longer be a factor of skin contamination via germs that will no longer develop in the tissues.

SaniWash also works wonderfully for clothes and becomes an ideal ally for the professional who works with a lot of horses: farrier, trainer, veterinarian, breeder…

PhotoACTIVE Equine SaniSpray

Use the power of PhotoACTIVE Equine easily, everywhere and on all types of textiles, even faux leather or neoprene.

The spray version of PhotoACTIVE Equine makes it possible to disinfect in one go for the whole season your textiles that do not go through the washing machine (straps…), or those in the urgency of suspected contamination (gaiters causing scabs, pimples under the rug, etc.).

Its use is very simple, just spray the desired material generously, and let it dry completely before using again.

SaniSpray also perfectly disinfects the inside of helmets, shoes, and thus avoids bad odors.

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