PhotoACTIVE Equine in Deauville: Two Days of Innovation and Networking

Recently, the PhotoACTIVE Equine team had the opportunity to participate in two eventful and networking-rich days in Deauville. Here is an overview of these memorable days and the highlights that punctuated them.

Day 1: Members’ Day at the Hippolia Cluster

The first day was dedicated to the members of the Hippolia Cluster, an association bringing together major players in the equestrian industry. This day began with the association’s general assembly, where discussions focused on future projects and development strategies for the sector.

Morning: Teambuilding Workshop

To strengthen ties between members, a teambuilding workshop was organized. The chosen activity: creating sand yachts. This workshop was led by an innovative event company that stands out by using recycled materials for their equipment. This eco-friendly initiative was greatly appreciated by all participants.

Afternoon: Networking

The afternoon was dedicated to networking, offering members a platform to exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore new collaboration opportunities. Enriching discussions took place, laying the groundwork for future partnerships and projects.

Day 2: Sotheby’s CSIO at the Longines-Deauville International Horse Center

The second day took place at the prestigious Longines-Deauville International Horse Center, on the occasion of Sotheby’s CSIO. This internationally renowned event brought together professional riders, equestrian facility owners, and equestrian sports enthusiasts.

Meetings and Partnerships

For PhotoACTIVE Equine, this day was particularly opportune for meeting professionals in the sector. Exchanges with top-level riders and equestrian facility managers allowed for discussions on the sector’s specific needs and exploration of partnership possibilities. These interactions paved the way for promising new collaborations, further strengthening PhotoACTIVE Equine’s position as a key player in the equestrian disinfection sector.

The participation of PhotoACTIVE Equine in these two days in Deauville was a great success. Between the eco-friendly teambuilding activities, networking sessions, and strategic meetings with equestrian professionals, these events strengthened existing ties and created new ones. PhotoACTIVE Equine continues to affirm its commitment to innovation and sustainable development, while positioning itself as a partner of choice for players in the equestrian sector.

Here is a vlog of our stay: