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PhotoACTIVE Equine lasts 1 year! It is the only disinfectant in the world capable of preventing microbial growth on surfaces and purifying the air over a long period and reducing the risk of illness and contamination linked to accommodation.

Don’t ask yourself any more questions, it’s already disinfected for 1 year!

Unsanitized surfaces are a risk factor in disease transmission between horses.

A sick horse projects microdroplets loaded with pathogenic agents into the environment via its breath, which adhere to the walls of its box, or inside the transport vehicle. The healthy horse that passes behind, even several weeks later, is at risk of falling ill if drastic disinfection has not been carried out.

Horses are particularly exposed during travel and competitions, where systematic disinfection is rarely carried out in competition boxes and vehicles.

why disinfect ?

Equine rhinopneumonia EHV1 kills approximately 10% of affected horses. The abortion rate can rise up to 90% among broodmares.

What PhotoACTIVE Equine offers :

Regardless of the stable, whether it is an owners’ stable, a temporary accommodation for competing horses or a veterinary clinic, it must be impeccable in terms of hygiene to avoid the transmission and spread of infections and diseases. PhotoACTIVE Equine is your ally to simplify the health management of premises:

Our team takes care of everything

and guarantees optimal installation of the PhotoACTIVE Equine coating.

Spend up to 90% less

on biocidal products and personnel

Less release into the environment

1 liter of PhotoACTIVE replaces hundreds of liters of disinfectant

Free up your time

by devoting it to tasks other than daily disinfection

Avoid exposing your equines and yourself

to volatile particles from biocides to prevent allergies and respiratory issues

Reputation and Trust

Facilities that maintain high standards of hygiene are more respected and sought after

Proven effectiveness

PhotoACTIVE Equine is the world’s most tested biocidal coating for veterinary use according to current ISO standards. Feel free to consult our certificates.

NF EN 14675 : Virucidal activity in the veterinary field

NF EN 14476 : Virucidal activity in the medical sector

NF EN 1276 : Bactericidal activity

NF EN 1650 : Fungicidal activity

ISO 27447 : Bactericidal activity over 1 year of semiconductor photocatalytic materials

and more!

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