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PhotoActive Equine presents its new brochure on disinfection products for horses.

At PhotoActive Equine, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new brochure dedicated to our high-quality disinfection products specially designed for stables, transport, and equipment for horses and riders. This brochure has been carefully crafted to provide our customers with a comprehensive overview of our innovative solutions for equine health and hygiene.

State-of-the-art disinfection products

Our range of disinfection products is formulated to meet the specific needs of horses and their environments. Thanks to years of research and development, we have developed effective, safe, and easy-to-use disinfectants, ensuring optimal protection for your animals against pathogens and infections.

An informative and practical brochure

The new PhotoActive Equine brochure is a valuable tool for horse owners, stables, and animal health professionals. It provides detailed information on each product, its characteristics, advantages, and usage instructions. You will also find practical advice on best practices for hygiene and disinfection to ensure a healthy and secure environment for your horses.

Committed to equine health

At PhotoActive Equine, our commitment to the health and well-being of horses is at the heart of our mission. We are convinced that healthy and well-maintained horses are the key to optimal performance and a long, happy life. Our new brochure reflects this commitment by providing all the necessary information to choose the most suitable disinfection solutions for your needs.

Download our brochure today!